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Testimonial from Jack W., of Advance (Davie County)
"Hancock Remodeling completed two bathroom renovation projects for us over the past year. We
have found their estimates to be accurate, their projects to be started and completed on a timely
basis, and their work to be of high quality. Further, they keep a clean job site, are quiet and
unobtrusive when they are on-site, and they keep us informed about progress of the work.
Finally, they are friendly and enjoyable to work with and we have found them to be completely
trustworthy. In summary, we are pleased with their work in every respect, would definitely use
them again, and would definitely recommend them to our friends." (
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Removed wall-hung sink.

Framed one area for shower, the other for the
pedestal sink.

Cut through concrete floor in order to install a
shower drain.

Installed a new shower faucet, shower head
and drain (work of licensed plumber).

Panned and mudded shower base and
concrete-boarded shower walls.

Installed a ceiling exhaust fan-light, with timer
switch, and vented to the outside.

Tiled the shower base, walls, shelf and bench.

Tiled half-way up the wall outside of shower to
sink area.

Tiled floor and baseboard.

Sanded and painted original wood paneled

Sink and plumbing installed (work of licensed
shower with light in ceiling
pedestal sink and tiled walls
tiled shower with head and faucet
toilet and tiled floor
tiled shower drain and bench
 bottom of pedestal sink and tiled floor
tiled shower shelf and bench
Shower with
Shelf and Seat
Tile Wall Extending from
Shower to Pedestal Sink
Shower Floor,
Seat and Drain
Ceiling with Light
Tiled Floor to
Pedestal Sink
Shower Head and
Faucet Handle
Toilet and White
Tile Baseboard
Jack's Bathroom:
(Half Bath to Shower Bath)
What We Did
    Other Work: Guest bathroom remodel and basement work. The basement work  
    involved the replacement of ceiling tile, wood trim and painting.
Basement Bath